Call us for guaranteed peace of mind
Call us for guaranteed peace of mind
Allow our experienced solicitors to take care of matters for you
Allow our experienced solicitors to take care of matters for you
Three Standard Fixed Price Packages
Three Standard Fixed Price Packages
Bronze Fixed Probate Package
This is a basic package. We make the application for the Grant of Probate based on the information that you supply.
Silver Fixed Probate Package

Silver Package


This package is ideal for people that need assistance with the more onerous tasks of ascertaining the values of all the assets and liabilities, but who are prepared to deal with the administration themselves once the Grant of Probate has been issued.
Gold Fixed Probate Package

Gold Package


This is a full administration package designed for those who would rather instruct solicitors to deal with all the legal work.

Fixed Price Packages

According to research, the average cost of administering an estate in the UK is £1,907.00 1

It is not surprising therefore that the worry of legal costs causes the public to think twice before appointing a Solicitor to wind up an Estate.

We have found that people’s greatest concern is the uncertainty of legal fees. We all like to know where we stand at the outset, so the thought of instructing a Solicitor, without knowing how much the final bill will be can be the cause of great concern.

To alleviate these fears our Probate Team has created 3 unique fixed price packages, starting at just £495 plus VAT and disbursements.

We have called our packages, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze is our most popular package and includes the basic elements to obtain a Grant of Representation (Probate). We draft the Oath for Personal Representatives (or Administrators if there is no Will) Inheritance Tax Account and apply to the Court for a Grant of Representation to be issued. We can provide detailed specialist advice on Inheritance Tax (IHT), Inheritance Act issues, Variations, Executor’s liabilities and duties and IHT optimisation options as additional services. 

Silver offers a more comprehensive service, while Gold is the complete package.

Each package has a fixed price, so you know exactly where you stand right at the outset, with no nasty surprises lying in wait.

1:The Sun Life Direct Cost of Dying Survey 2012.

*Prices exclusive of VAT and Disbursements

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