Call us for guaranteed peace of mind
Call us for guaranteed peace of mind
Allow our experienced solicitors to take care of matters for you
Allow our experienced solicitors to take care of matters for you
Three Standard Fixed Price Packages
Three Standard Fixed Price Packages

Silver Package - £1,375 + VAT + Disbursements

If you choose our Silver Package, you will receive the following services.

  • Receive and review death certificate, original Will (if there is one) and all paperwork relating to the assets and liabilities.
  • Obtain values of the assets and liabilities by writing to organisations concerned
  • Preparing Death Certificate Verification Form
  • Registration of death with all known creditors
  • Registering the death with all known pension providers
  • Registering the death with HMRC for Income Tax purposes
  • Calculation of the gross and net values of the Estate
  • Calculation of the Inheritance Tax (IHT) due
  • Preparation of the IHT account to include a claim for a transferable Nil Rate Band *
  • Making payment of the IHT from the Estate assets
  • Preparation of the Oath for Executors/Administrators
  • Applying to the Probate Registry for the grant of Probate
  • Dealing with any queries from the Probate Registry
  • Advice on searching for lost assets
  • Advice on statutory advertising to protect the Personal Representatives
  • Receiving the Grant of Probate

* You will have to provide all the information needed to support the transferable nil rate band claim.

If the Estate is taxable, this package does not cover dealing with any queries from HMRC.

Estimated disbursements will include:

  • Commissioners fee - £11 for each Personal Representative swearing the Oath, plus £2 for each exhibit (the original Will and any codicil(s)).
  • Probate application fee
  • £155, plus 50p for every additional sealed copy.
  • Valuation fees (for property, land, chattels, shares etc) - to be ascertained.

For a comparison between the packages, please click here.

*Prices exclusive of VAT and Disbursements

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